Tourist almost banned from dating app over ‘graphic’ image of her being ‘beheaded’

A tourist who used a picture of her being ‘beheaded’ from a visit to Edinburgh Castle was almost banned from a dating app for ‘graphic’ content.

Shelby Daun, 30, visited one of the capital’s top tourist attractions and posed on the ground next to a knight that put a fake head next to her body to make it look like she had ‘lost her head’.

While Shelby found the funny side of the image, her dating app removed it immediately and said her profile is under review for showing graphic content, the Scottish Sun reports.

American tourist, Shelby, took to Tiktok to share her ordeal after travelling the UK, Ireland and Paris in a guided tour earlier this year.

She said: “I posted a video showing what’s on my dating profiles and it got removed for violent and graphic content. And now it’s being reviewed.

“It’s getting real ridiculous here. Kind of annoying.”

They stopped off at the castle and spoke with a member of staff who was wielding a massive sword.

She said it was actually the member of staff that suggested she ‘plays dead’ on the concrete with a fake human head lying in front of her.

Shelby revealed: “He was like, ‘do you want to take a special photo? I don’t know how much more special you can get in a castle in Scotland.

“He asked me if I was able to get on the ground and get back up?”

Amateur comedian Shelby laid on the floor with her head bowed while the fancy dress knight set up the scene.

She added: “He lays me on the ground, tells me to put my hands behind my back and lifts my hood over my head.

“He goes back into this bucket thing, puts this fake decapitated head away from me and tells my friend how to get the right angle.

“I’m giggling so bad at this point. He’s giggling. We’re having a good time. It’s just funny.”

After being ‘decapitated’, Shelby went to leave but her “executioner” wasn’t done with her, Edinburgh Live reports.

She revealed: “He decapitates me. I say thank you so much, This was so funny. You’re an awesome dude.

“We high five and as we’re walking away, he’s like wait let me see the picture.

“So we show him the picture. It was one of the best experiences on the whole trip. It’s a memory I will cherish forever.”