Man’s torment as mystery stranger keeps yelling ‘porridge’ through his letterbox

A man has been tormented by a stranger screaming ‘porridge’ through his letterbox.

The heckles happened at strange hours in the middle of the night over the course of three weeks, he said.

He wanted to remain anonymous, but the victim said he was at his “wit’s end” and pleaded with the ‘porridge whisperer’ to stop immediately.

The man took to social media and told the neighbour to stop and “grow up” on Facebook group 50 Shades of Halifax.

YorkshireLive reports he wrote: “Apologies if this post is not allowed but I am wanting to get to the bottom of this as I’m at my wit’s end.

“I live at range court flats in Boothtown and for the past three weeks someone is STILL been opening my letter box flap in the middle of the night and shouting ‘PORRIDGE’.

“Sometime it’s ‘PORRIDGE TIME PAPPA BEAR’ or once it was ‘EAT IT BEFORE IT GOES COLD PAPPA’. – (this bit said in a whisper)

“Before you ask no, porridge had not been left at any times, this is clearly a unwelcome visitor and I would it to stop ASAP. If this is you, grow up.”

The post attracted lots of attention with more than 100 shares, plus hundreds of comments and likes in response. The majority of commenters saw the funny side of this whole bizarre situation.

Ricardo Hodge responded: “Could be a cereal killer….” while another commenterJoe Mcgrath said: “Personally I’d get my locks changed just in case, I’d recommend Goldilocks.”

Kayleigh Glossglow wrote: “The million dollar question though: do you enjoy being called ‘papa bear’?”

Others thought this should be treated seriously, however, with several posting offering advice to the upset man.

Diane White responded: “I’m I the only person that feels sorry for this guy? Worst crime in my eyes feeling unsafe in your home. Hope it stops soon.”

Naomi Raggio said: “Wtf! I found it funny to read at first but that’s actually pretty creepy, it’d freak me right out.”

Marie Fox said: “Buy a wildlife camera records when motion you will soon have your culprit”

In an another separate incident, The Mirror reported how a woman was left mortified when she received a handwritten note through her door from a neighbour who complained about the ‘extremely loud’ noises coming from her bedroom.

The sarcastic letter left her so mortified that she’s ‘considering moving house’ as she can’t bear to face her neighbour after what they heard.

She took to TikTok to share the bedroom blunder, Kimmi, an OnlyFans model, shared a photo of the short note that left her feeling red-faced.

The letter, which is scribbled on a torn piece of paper, reads: “To the woman who has extremely loud orgasms.

“Whilst we are very happy for you, could you please close your window and maybe consider your neighbours.”